I was in the cafeteria, having waited until the last minute to do my science drawings. You need to draw circle for the microscope's field of view. My first attempt was using my bracelet, but that was too flexible, and made a bit too small of a circle. Next, I tried Jake's soda can, which made a bit bigger of a circle, but it was stil a bit smaller than I liked, and very difficult to trace. Then, I had it. A great epiphany. With the safety pin I had(which has proved useful on many occasions(see, punk accesories can be helpful)), some duct tape, and my mechanical pencil I created what I like to call... THE GHETTO COMPASS.

Picture of Ghetto Compass.

Ghetto Compass in action. With the power of the Ghetto Compass (with adjustable radius) I was able to finish the drawings AND my sandwich, although the sandwich was finished on the way to biology, but eh.