1) If users want to use your site, registration should be ____?

a) Mandatory
b) Optional
c) Fun
d) Easy

2) Content should be placed _____?

a) All on one page
b) On separate pages

3) Your picture should include atleast one other person.

a) True
b) False

4) What makes the best background?

a) White
b) A solid colour
c) A high resolution JPEG.
d) A very busy pattern.

5) If your background is bright yellow, what colour should your font be?

a) White
b) Black
c) Neon green
d) Either a or c
e) Either a or d

6) What size should your font be?

a) Average
b) Small
c) Large
d) Huge

7) What is the minimum number of surveys you should include?

a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) I'm hot for you, Andrew

8) What number of bands should you strive to include in your Interests area?

a) 30 - 40
b) 10 - 15
c) 80 - 90

9) Which of these interest categories is least important?

a) Movies
b) Books
c) Music
d) Television

10) If your Myspace page will be about how cute your boyfriend is, you should have your Status be?

a) Single
b) In a relationship
c) None of the above
d) All of the above
e) None of the above
f) All of the above

11) What should you pick for the "Here for:" question?

a) Sex
b) Alcohol
c) Education
d) Friends
e) Love

12) What is the BEST possible orientation to pick?

a) Southwest
b) Upright
c) Straight
d) Bi

13) Which one of these did I recommend as a good way to display to display text AND pictures?

a) Flashing
b) No effects
c) As scrolling marquees
d) In pop-ups

14) Which of these punctuation marks should you use as much as possible? (Pick three)

a) Tildes (~)
b) Asterisks (*)
c) Ampersands (&)
d) Ellipses (...)
e) Semicolons (;)

15) Which of these should your page include? (Choose two)

a) Pictures of you and your friends
b) Thoughtful political commentary
c) Autoplaying music and videos
d) Book reviews

16) The BEST way of displaying video is?

a) Not at all.
b) Have it set to autoplay, and have it stream using buggy plug-ins.
c) Store the files externally, and then provide hyperlinks to them.
d) As text.

17) Visitors should be able to stop the autoplay music (T/F)?

a) True
b) False

18) What units should you use to write your height?


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