Now the first thing that inevitably comes to mind when anyone thinks of awesome is one thing and one thing only: Ninjas (and yo Mama, but in this article I intent to focus only on the former). Ninjas are the simplest and purest form of awesome, they distribute their awesome service with no frills and a superfluous amount of jumping and throwing stars. And who else do you know carries sharp peices of metal meant for throwing anyways? I bet whoever it is, he, or she, in case you know a large angry woman who would carry said sharp metallic projectiles around (and if you do, send in pictures, 'cuz that sounds like a sight and a half) must be pretty damned awesome. The only bad thing about ninjas is that they got completely ripped off by those blasted goth kids, who stole all the cool stuff about being a ninja (wearing black, not speaking except to say something poetic, covering their faces, carrying blade weaponry, and having absolutely massive stamina dice pools) and mixed it with the complete lameness of NOT going around and killing people, after all, it has breen proven time and time again in clinical trials performed in zero gravity and the Neilson ratings that violence=awesome (how's that for some awesome algebra, huh kids? Am I right? Eh?).

Ninjas aren't just awesome when they're on the job either. Oh no, my friend. Ninjas practice the art of awesome from when they first wake up in the morning and eat their 16 bowls of Wheaties (with one spoonfull of sugar distributed equally between all of them) until they go to bed at night (sometimes on fire, somtimes completely nude, sometimes half dead, sometimes ALL dead, and sometimes with their favorite binky). And with a daily routine like that, how could anything they manage to cram in between not be more awesome than life?

In conclusion: You heard it here first, every last ounce of funny has been squeezed from the concept of ninjolotry (but their supply of awesome shall never wane!).