T-shirts with not-clever/not funny quotations

These shirts are like the retarded 6-year old nephew in the shirt family. One day they managed to form a few words through shear luck, and hearing laughter as the response, they continued to repeat those same words constantly even though they had no idea what they meant. At every family reunion for years these poor wretched children would babble off the same nonsensical phrase which once was cute and amusing in a sad, sad sort of way, but now made the less understanding members of the family want to throttle the child. Now imagine that child is your torso, and imagine all he said all day was "Keep staring, I might do a trick." Doesn't seem as funny now, does it?

And in reality, it was never funny at all. These shirts contain such amazingly hilarious jokes as "I am violently insane", "I'm on medication", and "I saw Napoleon Dynamite." Although no one has ever laughed at any of these shirts since 1998, people still wear them in a vain attempt to be thought of as intelligent and funny. I implore all of you wearing these shirts to look at your torsos. Is your chest a brick wall? Does it have the words "Evening at the improv" written on it in neon? If not, please stop trying to make the front of your body a comedy club. No one else is laughing.

Note: Although the line between sex shirts and clever shirts is sometimes blurry, they are actually different and distinct concepts. For example, a clever shirt would say "I smile because you've driven me to schizophrenic insanity", while a sex shirt would say "I smile because you have a vagina."

Girl power?