Sex Shirts

Many people try to be witty by wearing shirts that contain some sort of double-entendre in it. At its face you may think this is a good idea, what could be better than eliciting a few laughs while at the same time telling all the ladies that you are fully aware of the existence of sex? Turns out that the way most of these "jokes" are executed, a lot of things could be better than that. Like shoving a brick through your head. Tshirt makers have taken a semi-passable idea and lamed it all up with their terrible jokes, which range from painfully bad puns like "Mourning Wood Lumber Co." to the extremely disgusting "Ben Dover's House of Fudge" to the simply confusing "Beaver, Beaver, and Beaver Law Firm". Then there are the ones that don't even try to be witty, for instance those shirts that say "The man (pointing up), The Legend (pointing down)." Yes, we know your feet are well known throughout the midwest, we don't need to hear about it anymore. Why don't you go use the celebrity status of your lower body to impress girls who wear shirts that say "Stop staring at this shirt" and leave those of us with standards and a gag reflex alone. Also, you can see that this particular example of the sex shirt is also sporting an Apple iPod, which tells the world "I enjoy being mugged" and a hemp necklace, which says "either I just got off a desert island, or I like to get high a lot."
Funny? I don't think so.